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san stefano.


san stefano

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san stefano watermelon, bicycle...vacation san stefano, venezia turning back on holiday

dress: kate spade; pumps: kate spade; bag: J.Crew; jewelry: J.Crew & kate spade

Do you ever go on vacation, have an amazing time and yet the second you face travel hassles on your return, that mountain of dirty laundry back at home or that overflowing inbox at the office- suddenly it’s like you never went on vacation?! All vestiges of rest and relaxation fly out the window the second you are back in the saddle??

It is for this reason it’s especially lovely to find some extra blog photos you took on a delightful holiday afternoon before sitting down in a picturesque piazza and enjoying a preprandial drink. The charm of the pics (not to mention the dress!) helps revive some of that vacation mojo that has waned in the last few weeks.

Hope you enjoy!

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